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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raid Failed

I woke up at 5.30am....
and that's considered late rofl!
I'm serious! The ballroom foyer was FILLED with people by 6am D8

Pity that I couldn't go but heck I think that did some good cuz I saved at least RM200 so that can be used on other stuffs~ Manage to get most of the stuffs I need for my project X3

Went out with Audrey and Jia Chee for lunch. Sad lunch of A&W, we swore not to go there anymore. After lunch it was a visit to Jia Chee's 5 dogs OTL

Audrey seems to be fascinated with Milo's butt. Latest dog in the family and it's 2 months old =D Enjoys dragging things into its cage and claiming it as its own lol. Photo by Audrey.

Again, Audrey showed her fascination with the back portion of the dog. Not in this photo but she couldn't stop spazzing over Fluffy's tail XP. It's not a tiny ChowChow but a Pomeranian after a haircut 8D. Looks like a lovely pillow doesn't it <3

Rushed back to go to the Modern Home and Living Expo 2009. Sad my parents don't wanna but the PestFree thing >_> Say they don't trust it T_T;; They only bought new tinting for the car since it's about time to change it and it's anti-break. The tinting is 3 times the thickness too though I wish they would buy tinting that can reflect heat effectively. All of us are dying in the heat in the car lol.

This is a must for my future homeeeee T^T9 Everything is just so organized, neat and in plain view! Only bad thing is it that everything will get dusty darn fast. Oh wells, I saw some with sliding doors! *jakuns*

RM100 gift voucher from Slimming Sanctuary X3

And joy for I found my orchid hair pin after so long~ RM5.90 T_T;; but I can't bear to not buy it after I've been hunting it for ages. It's gonna be a challenge to keep it in good condition.

Crunch time this week. Today after cleaning house, hope I can complete some work before heading to MVM to buy the tea set, collect my sample and go to KBU to fetch my brother.

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