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Monday, July 19, 2010

So You Think You're Being Abused

After the latest stunt made by the cosplayers of today, I finally decided to make a rage post. It's been quite some time a bunch of cosplayers started making noise about how they're been abused and used for commercialism purposes. Things got worse when Cosplay for Fun, We Cosplay to Express Not to Impress and Cosplay Republic came up. It's like the biggest gathering of hypocrites, attention whores and fame suckers.

These people who so called go by the principle that cosplay is for fun are the same people that participate in competitions organized by companies to attract crowd. They compete and gasak the prize then proceed to update their FaceBook status 'OMG WE COSPLAYERS HAVE BEEN ABUSED'. See where I'm going? I don't think you people even understand what is ABUSE. Wanna know what is abuse? Compare yourself to a circus monkey =_=.

Then comes the era of cosplayers going against cosplay for commercialism *laughs*. It started pretty much thanks to NIPS and the stupdity of cosplayers. Already their Facebook event page looks as fishy as it is and looking at how they're marketing the event itself, you could tell it's a pretty big thing but noooooooooo, cosplayers being shitty airheads decided to join since greed clouds their eyes and all of their attention was on the prize (wow it rhymes!). After the first round, contestant comes back and updates their status and flame on FB about how they're being abused for commercialism. Well, too bad for you minorities who couldn't see it coming from a mile away.

So if anyone is to be blamed for all the bloody mess it's YOU BLOODY GREEDY COSPLAYERS. Companies have been generous enough to offer a incentive or good prizes for cosplayers and if you don't think it's good enough then don't fucking join in the first place.Yet these ungrateful hypocrites go compete, bag the prize and then go bitch. Just because it's a little difficult to get the prize money, cosplayers go bitch that they're being abused. Well you know what? Money doesn't come easy and you have to earn it. If it's so difficult for you to spend a few days to compete for some prize money, equivalent to 2-3 months of allowance then don't join!

After the commercialism era, next comes to the era whereby cosplayers only swear to attend events that are organized by non-profit organizations. Well I have no problem with that but that doesn't mean you can start wearing character wigs, put a wardrobe together and hop around. It's just plain degrading to the character and I feel sad just seeing it. If you pride yourself as a cosplayer, fucking make a complete one for gods sake.

Cosplayers today just wanted to be treated like royalty! =_= Demanding for a buffet table, complaining how it's too difficult to go up to the 14th floor and being harassed by the public every 5 steps they take. Well guess what? Comic Fiesta's objective has bloody nothing to do with protecting the welfare of cosplayers. We're not SPCA - Society of Prevention of Cosplay Asshattery (Thank you Ezel~ XD). Go make your own. At this rate, the quality of cosplay in Malaysia is going down, beating Singapore's

Yay Malaysia Boleh~ *snarls*

(sigh I'm finding it so hard to construct my sentences and facts properly)


  1. Where's the like button for this post? Is this going up on networkedblogs cause I would love to pimp this post =3

  2. I completely agree. After all, it's COMIC FIESTA, not COSPLAY FIESTA. :D

  3. They supports Danny Choo like mad, knowing he's uses ACG to buy himself a house in Tokyo and funded his entire Otaku life in Japan, prove? Otacool!!
    Anti-Commercialization my foot!

  4. Wow! I can't denied the truth in this post. As what Naoko's stated, CF is more like Cosplay Fiesta rather than Comic Fiesta these day. D: Even forum itself flooding by cosplay stuff.

  5. if there are more and more professional cosplayers , i think it's good news for entire cosplay ,not eaither non-profit organizations but aslo commercialism, even the manga and anime industry will get more developed. So am wrong or ?