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Sunday, July 25, 2010

1 <3 Hada Labo Event! Oh The Happiness!!!

I am so glad I registered for Hada Labo's exclusive event! Hada Labo had an event which is only opened to the first 35 people who registered *_*. I was a bit reluctant to go at first since need to pay RM20 fee and I was broke but when I saw the venue (Fukuya Japanese Cuisine!) and the prices of the food there, I thought to my self wat the heck! and immediately signed up for it.

Audrey drove us there and the car jockey service was free since we were there for an event *w* We registered ourselves and was given a huge card where we had to fill our details, sign 1 <3 Hada Labo in the most creative away and tell in less than 15 words why we love Hada Labo @A@;;

Thick plastic hearts with Hada Labo's logo they gave to us =D

We were treated to a photoshoot but the requirement is to pose with the blue heart XD;;

While waiting for all the lucky 35 people to arrive, me and Audrey went jakun around the premises.

The walkway from the parking area to the entrance of the restaurant.

The room there is actually a private dining area if not mistaken. There's at least 3-4 of these rooms in Fukuya

'stage' area

Product display according to range

Tester section~ Can I test the mask? >D

After some speeches and a group photo with all the participants. IT'S FOOD TIME! See the fat salmon slices! *drools*

Tempura~~~~~ I tried a bit of the scallop but it's not my thing I guess >< This is a lot of food to be shared among 2-3 people. Our table had 5 people so we had 2 sets of each tray. There was leftovers ;__; what a waste *sobs* We were served with Macha Green Tea ice-cream for dessert *_* but I forgot to take a picture.

During our meal, there was a presentation of Hada Labo's product range and the description of how each range works.

There was also a Lucky Draw session and then a hands on demonstration of how Hada Lado's lotion works. The staff measured our moisture level before applying the lotion and then measured again after the lotion application. My moisture level was 29.4% before and it shot up to 50.4% after using the lotion XD;; If the reading is indeed true then this is a hell lot better than Laneige's Water Bank range! The participant with the biggest difference of moisture level wins a prize haha! The winner's moisture level was from 21% boosted to 70% @A@ wth.

After the demo session, we were given a goodie bag each *o*/ I got excited when I saw the box inside!!!!! It felt like there was a lot of items *_* Audrey opened her goodie bag immediately haha.

Pretty box yes? *o*

*spazzes* Hada Labo!!! you are so generous!!! Thank you!!! <333333 Full size items are: lip balm, face mist spray and moisturizing cream! Sample size items: lotion, cleanser and 1 mask sheet.

We got to bring back a photo too! <3 I love this photog cuz I don't look ugly here! *cries happily* The Salabianca and Clinique photos was just plain SHITTY!

Lastly group photo of the 3 of us <3


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