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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ken's Ghey Vid

Unmotivated, lazy and bored pretty much describes how I'm feeling right now. So unhappy about so many things that I wanna sit at a corner and cry. Thank gods for my work ~_~;; not that work keeps me busy but I enjoy working and enjoy staying at office. I suspect I'm easily pissed lately cuz I owe my parents RM1.5k for the car and house expenditures so I'm starving myself to pay the bill =__=;; Parents say I can pay them in installments but I hate paying installments. Returning the money for the BlackBerry was so difficult itself (3 months installments *screams*) I can't imagine having another long debt on my list.... plus I'm going to Singapore next month so I want some spending money instead of another month of starving.

Why I starve? Cuz I'm scared of being short on money, so I never do spend on things until my next salary comes in then only I'll start using the money from my current salary. This month, my expenditures are extra heavy thanks to so many birthdays ;__; so I've used my food money for pressies and expensive expensive food XD;;

So.. hungry *dies* Thank gods I still have the weight drink. Can use it to suppress my hunger pangs XD;;

PS: The title of the entry has no link to the blogpost whatsoever XD;; I was watching Jay Sean's Down PV and it just looked absolutely ghey.

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