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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Close Shave! 8D

Damn another close shave last night. I can really consider myself a lucky bastard x_X. I was driving home along Jalan Semantan heading towards KL after work around 8pm. The road was heading downhill and there was a slight jam so I stepped on the breaks. The moment I stepped on the breaks, the wheels screeched, my car started skidding @A@;; and was heading towards to the yellow divider. Omg those horrible skidding sounds are still ringing in my brain and the experience of not being able to control my car was damn fuck scary TT_TT. I tried to turn the wheel to the left to get back onto my lane but it was so difficult to control the steering wheel that I accidentally turned too much and I ended up in my neighbor's lane @@;; I finally got my car onto my lane and ended up inches away from the car in front of me.

During the whole incident..... NO ONE HONKED @A@;;;; Either everyone was too stunned or it was normal for them to see cars skidding at that area!!!! I was so confused whether the incident really happened or it was just a dream cuz no one honked me x_X. I was so sure I'd either crash into the divider or bang into my neighbor, thank godsssssss >A<

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