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Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Fresh

Ah yes~ The famed cleansing oil is now in my hands mwahahhahahahahaha *coughs*. It took me 2 years to buy it =w=;; All this while I've attended their cleansing oil demos and seen good results so I thought of buying it but being a student, it's really pricey to spend RM260 at one go for a cleansing product D8 Now that I'm working, it's an entirely different thing! *_* I bought the cleansing oil some time last month as they had a RM10 rebate for every RM100 spent so me and Ying Ling got a bottle of cleansing oil each and the eyelash curlers as well. Both which are the star items of Shu Uemura. Oh yeah, we both became Shu members too =D I got the pink bottle as it's suitable for oily or acne prone skin :3

I came home and immediately opened the cleansing oil and started using it. After cleansing my face, I still had the greasy/oily feeling on my face but after patting my face dry, I get this velvety feeling on my face which feels kind of weird. At first I thought maybe I didn't wash it properly, but even after a week of using and rinsing it 5-6 times, I still get that greasy/oily feeling so end up I had to use 2 cleansers just to have my face clean. Other than that, it works as a great makeup remover but honestly, I could achieve that with Fasio's makeup remove and Biore's cleansing wipes and that only costs less than RM50 altogether!

This is just my opinion on the product. I'm sadly one of the 10% of the population that can't use this D8. Most of the reveiws are good if you check online. If anyone's interested, I'm selling this away for RM190 (450ml) used less than 10 times. Other skincare items such as Assata Scar Serum and Polynia Face Scrub, you can refer to my selling thread here.

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