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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So I'm Going to Singapore *_*

Plans are pretty much set for Singapore =D I decided that I needed a break since my last holiday was in May 2009 which was the Langkawi trip XD;; Tickets are all booked and I'm deciding on what to look for there *_* I am still moping over not being able to go for Shimokawa Mikuni's concert so let me plan on how I'll be able to spend my money since I can't get the tickets.

  1. Check out TOPSHOP makeup range!
    Only 4 cities carry TOPSHOP's makeup range at the moment. London, NY, Dubai and Singapore! Best part is, prices range from SGD9 to SGD23 which is considerably cheap looking at how pricey their clothes are!

    My inner child dream is to camp at Sephora ION Orchard~ <3 Largest Sephora store in Asia and second in size to the biggest one in the world *o* It is a must stop place for me!

  3. Checkered cloth for Kooh
    I've never seen how awesome the selection of cloth is at SG ;_;

  4. Update my stash of comics~!
    Saiyuki Reload and Junjou Romantica here I come~~~~~~~ XD I just found out Saiyuki Reload vol 8 and 9 is out and also..... Junjou Romantica vol 8 to 11 is out T___T my moneyyyyyyy  CAN I HAS THIS ON MY WISHLIST? T___T

  5. Raid Kiss Me aisle
    I've been hooked on Kiss Me ever since I bought the falsies. The details on the lashes is like no other and it's perfect for cosplay photoshoots =D. Goggled around and found that their mascara is infamous with tons of reviews from bloggers.

  6. Charles & Keith shoe hunting
    I heard it's dirt cheap in Singapore, around $30? It's a minimum RM129 here in KL!!!! Gwarrrr I shall rape that store! >A<


  1. woman, topshop clothes here aren't that exp

  2. What?! serious?! ;___;