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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JuJu's Barfday

The birthday gal! =D

Last Thursday was Julia's birthday so we had a mini celebration at office.

At night, we shifted the celebration to The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza. I didn't plan to go TwT since I know I won't be able to wake up the next day but office had a trip thanks to TNB so me and Fiyond piled into Lex's car. All photos in this entry are from his cam =) and most of them are so blurry T____T

Most decent picture of all 4 of us

Got forced to drink some Hoegaarden >w< I still hate beer and I have no idea what Fiyond is doing there LOL

Another decent picture with humans in it TwT/

My first time seeing a flaming lamborghini @w@ *noob*

After a few hours, the noise level got unbearable for me x_X so I took Lex's camera and went to take pictures of FullHouse.

Pretty fountain at the entrance *w*

Omg! There's black at FullHouse! I always thought the color is non-existent in there XD

We had our camwhoring moments there

I like the setting this time cuz there's less white!!! <3

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