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Monday, July 26, 2010

Battle of Blushers!

I've finally received my NYX blusher after 2 months of waiting D8 so I took the chance to make a side to side comparison with my ELF blusher.

I had to wait till a Saturday to put these 2 blushers in natural lighting. Looks the same color doesn't it? XD;;

At a glance, both colors looks the same. ELF comes in a nice sleek package with a mirror which isn't really very handy =/ I would still prefer my compact mirror to look at while I do my makeup. I love the pan since it's big and wide so it's easy to cover the brush with blush powder. NYX blusher comes with a see through cover so it's easy to pick through the blush color of your choice if you have a few of these. I just hate the casing cuz it's so thick and looks cheap compared to ELF's. Price wise, i got the ELF blusher for RM10 while the NYX blusher was a bit pricy about RM20+

Swatches! On the left is from the NYX palette and on the right is from the ELF palette.

Both palettes are similar colors but when you swipe them, they turn out differently 8D;; The effects are different when I used the brush. The ELF blusher gives a very dewy finish on my cheeks and it's so subtle that it won't show in photos lol. The NYX swatch looks very dark but when I took the powder with my brush, the color came out just right on my cheeks <3. I'm so tempted to trash my ELF palette now cuz it's very difficult to get the color out x_X.

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