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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baviphat Meets Its Twin!

Right now I'm using St Ives Apricot Scrub and Baviphat's Peach Peeling gel to exfoliate my skin X3 Baviphat is quite new in Malaysia and it's a brand of super affordable Korean cosmetics and skincare! *w* Surprisingly they have counters in Parkson Pavilion and Sg Wang which gave me the impression that they're dead expensive so I googled up and checked the prices in Korea and Singapore. OMG cheapness!!!! and then I discovered their masks are only RM49.90 a tub! Got Ying Ling to grab a tub for me during the BonusLink Parkson Sale and I've been using it every day :3

Comes in a super duper cute tub <3

The peeling gel itself looks so edible! It smells so good and it looks like some ice sherbet. I bet you if I leave this lying on the table with a spoon, someone will sure pick it up and EAT it!

The gel is really gentle on my skin so I'll use the Apricot Scrub 1-2 times a week and the rest of the days I'll stick to the peeling gel :3 I've no idea whether to consider this a con or not but after using it, I'll be walking around smelling of peaches which makes me hungry!!! DX

Again, this isn't a proper review, I made this entry as I've found something interesting today. I was walking around Tropicana after watching Toy Story 3 and I stepped into SASA. Spotted some familiar colourful tubs on the shelves and when I took it to examine, lo behold the packaging is horribly similar to Baviphat's!

Tadaa! I asked permission from the SA whether I could take picture of it but she said no. WHO CARES 8D

It's a total copy! The brand is Sasatienne and it's only available in SASA if not mistaken. Price is slightly cheaper compared to Baviphat, RM39.90. If anyone is planning to try it, do let me know 8D I'll steal a bit to compare!

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