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Friday, July 9, 2010

Shu Uemura neo-Tokyo Lash Party

Total last minute thing as I RSVP-ed 6 hours before the event XD;; It was only opened to the first 100 Shu Fanatics and since I've recently became a Shu member, might as well abuse the benefits *_* I know for one thing, Shu gives out good GOODIE BAGS! *O*. So I clocked out at 5.30pm on the dot and rushed to MidValley *_* good thing SPRINT isn't jammed till Bangsar area so I arrived there by 6.15pm, just in time before they gave the goodie bags to the public >_> Yes Shu Uemura is stupid, they made us RSVP and goodie bags will only be reserved till 6.30pm wtf, otherwise, it'll be given out to public *fantoi*

The food spread :3

SALMON~~~ <3<3<3  Food was from Delicious and indeed it was DELICIOUS <3

Some cheesy stuff which didn't really appeal to me

Mini burgers which tasted oh-s0-good! *w* The bread was crispy and warm! The patty was nicely done *o*

Visitors can fill up the form and redeem a cleansing oil sample and an eyebrow trimming session. Ying Ling got her brows trimmed but I'd rather stick to threading >_> I find trimming is just a con job for extra cash. They trim your brows till almost botak and then use the eyebrow pencil to cover their mistakes! Con job that costs RM50! pfft

Make up demo by Lisa Yap, International Accredited Artist & Eyebrow Expert

All done with only gel eyeliner *salutes*

Freebies for the dayyy *w* I forgot to put the Laneige lipgloss together ><;;


  1. wah how come ur goodies look so much & so good? lol

    xoxo elle

  2. Hey elle! I went to collect my Laneige gift as well =D since I participated in their Water Bank survey :3