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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

I'm on a review roll! I found out that besides St Ives, Queen Helene's scrub is also a star product with many good reviews so I ordered one bottle as the price is quite decent (around RM23 including shipping). Sadly this product isn't available in Malaysia so I had to join one of the spree threads in LYN. Item came in after 2 months, gosh I almost forgot all about it, but instead of a scrub, I found a Masque instead *stares* and my scrub is nowhere to be seen until now D8 The person managing the spree accidentally packed the wrong item in x_X thankfully the rest of the items are exactly what I ordered.

Anyways, this mask comes in a big tube, about 226.8 grams, quite a decent amount for that price. The tube material is very thick @_@ I suspect I might have difficulties squeezing it out when it's about to finish.  The mask is said to dry up pimples, shrink large pores and rinses away bleakheads. Now that definitely sounds like a solution for my nose area 8D;; The mask comes in an icky seaweed green color and smells minty or in Audrey's words 'Smells like Clorets!'. Suitable for those with oily skin as it latches on all the impurities and oil on your pores. After I applied it, I felt a burning sensation on my skin @A@;;; like someone applied cili padi on my face haha but the feeling didn't last very long. Left the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinsed my face with warm water.

I'm not sure if it removes my blackheads as I've never be able to tell =3=;; but I can tell you that my face feels much cleaner. I used it quite often lately as it relieves the pain on my pimples x__X. I've been suffering from huge breakouts thanks to the Eumora. Phillip says that it's the soap doing its job of detox-ing my face and the pimples should be gone by week 3. These are really some of the worst pimples I've ever had ;_; oil seeds are coming out non stop from the same pimple *facepalms* and my chin is suffering the worst *sigh* The pimples are so bad till it hurts to touch it D8 and they're so sensitive, I've accidentally popped it too many times in a day. Hope this phase passes by soon x_X.


  1. yeah damn nice when apply on pimples <3

  2. hey there,

    which spree that you followed in LYN ya?
    i would like to get one too :(
    thanks! :D

  3. Hey there EL! I got it from gonzalesgirl on LYN =D