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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pests!!! *screams* >A<

Why oh why!!! >A< Last night a roach crawled up my leg. I looked down and saw something black on my leg so I just auto screamed! x_X Me and my bro equipped ourselves with our trusty Shieldtox, rolls of newspapers, torchlight and a white cane to prod places. We tried our best but it got away TT__TT. We turned my whole room upside down but it was nowhere to be seen =( so I stayed up all night with the thought of it still on the loose @A@;;

Much thanks to Jared who came by first thing in the morning, I got some sleep while he guarded me (by sleeping beside me on my bro's pull out bed rofl). Thank you sayang!!!! <3

There's so many things I wish to rant but not very practical to do it here x_X

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