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Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy During 'Vacation'!!!

Gods during the last 3 days, I hardly checked my Facebook and Twitter cuz work was tiring =(. The supervisor forced us to drag customers in but I failed anyways since I'm at a huge disadvantage (damn you to hell Mandarin!) Thank gods it's over and I have incoming cash! It's little but I'm hoping to get Jared a little something with it :3. Crossing my fingers that my next interview will be in Sunway area XD;; Now I have to suffer with back pains and feet that hurt like a bitch for the next few days. Those heels were really uncomfortable =(

Back to sending out resume's! I've just sent out 2 and will send out another 2 after I sit on it for a while =/ cuz one of them is in Sri Kembangan >_>;; Why are all the job vacancies in crazy places!!! ;w; Spare meeeeee. Vacation sucks cuz I'm free but no marneeee XD. Actually I do but I just can't stand the thought of spending it when there's no inflow of cash D8. I'm buying my hair dye soon (when the bloody LowYat page finally loads) cuz my dye a year ago is starting to look ugly. Hair treatment will have to wait ><, hold on for a while my dear hair~~~

This is silly of me but I'd like to celebrate 2 newcomers in my underwear drawer! Say hello to my 2 first pieces of Pierre Cardin bra sets! XD I'm not silly enough to post pictures unlike Sylvene! XD;; Next goal is to get that corset I saw at Xixilli~

The List~

  1. Clean room (when I wake up)

  2. Ironing @_@;;

  3. Dye hair

  4. Send shoes for repair

  5. Wax and thread!!!



  1. aiks..uncomfortable heels make a person scowl and walk in a weird imbalance way..better get those heels comfy soles for extra cushion or something =)

    i want to dye my hair too! more to hightlight my hair anyway ahahaha~

  2. hey.. put me on ur table again lo~