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Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 More!

I got a very unexpected call while I was doing my chores.

Me: Hello~
Person: Hi this is ___ from ___ Company. Could you come in for an interview on Monday?
Me: Sure, what time may I ask?
Person: 4pm
Me: Okay no problem
Person: before we end the conversation, may I ask do you understand the responsibilities of the job?
Me: Yes I do
Person: Would you mind telling me briefly what you understand about this job?

Well at this point I was a bit stuck cuz I sent my resume for this job 10 days ago! Not to mention by now I've sent out at least 25 resume and I don't remember the position I applied for D8 so I gave a stupid answer...

Me: I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting a long call. I'm in the middle of something right now so could we continue this during the interview?


Yes lame I know but I honestly forgot what position I applied for ;w; and I was in the middle of doing chores so can't be quick enough to check what position I applied for XD;;;

I've got 4 interviews lined up for this week =D 2 hotels, 1 PR firm and 1 event company X3 Busy week then! >A<

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