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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Frus Free Pill Needed

The weekend was just crappy but Monday was great <3 a whole day date with Jared and we talking about Pokemon while going through my Pokemon doll collections =D I'll take picture of the Ditto I gave to him next time X3.

Before I start the day report... obligatory pic up ahead lol

What we do at meetings. I'm tempted to make a poster for our recruitment drive and use this picture XD;;


Yesterday we had lunch at BigFatBird cafe =D located at Tropicana Business Park.

Contact card that was on each table.

The cafe sells mostly sandwiches but recently they added pasta and some main courses in the menu. Thank heavens for that! =D So I took the pasta set which has the pasta of the day + soup + coffee/tea.

My mushroom soup with uber soggy croutons. Taste of the mushroom is deng strong @_@

My pasta with ham and diluted sauce D:

Jared's fish and chips

Jared was so hungry, he ordered the Big Fat Bird sandwich.

Looks like I'm free this whole week since the timetable was already setand my supervisor was lazy to chuck me in =D So spent the day sending my CV's to companies. I have a list to complete for the next 3 days ><

  • Send out more resumes

  • Wax and thread TAT


  • Perm hair

  • Coffy photoshoot

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