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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Backlog of Photos and Updates

There's progress!!!! After sending almost 20 resumes, I've scored an interview in a PR company as a PR executive. It's amusing that 90% of the applications I sent out was for advertising related jobs and only got an answer for a PR job @_@. Time for shopping and re-perming my hair for the interview so wish me luck! >A</

And some pictures as old as October 2009 @_@

I'm surprised there's a Hannibal mask for kids during the Halloween season >w<

Boost was also in the Halloween spirit. The pumkin was carved by one of the Boosties.

Christmas in KLCC with Candy Land as their theme @_@

Neko pouches at Yokoso! Japan in Sungei Wang. So tempted to buy them but wouldn't know what to store in it. Sides, I still have empty pouches.

Lucky cats <3

Prince lui's cat <3 very cute but it's not very friendly x_X

Tomorrow is J Card day which means, shopping time~~~

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