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Friday, January 15, 2010

I Screwed Up Big Time D8

I was shaking.....

That's an understatement...

I was a nervous train wreck!!!!!!

My first job interview and I sucked big time TT__TT. My body was shaking so badly and the last time I shook so badly was during my first car accident. I guess I was really nervous as the interview is a lot more different compared to my previous interviews for part-time jobs.

And I arrived super early!!! Interview was at 10.30am.

On the way to the place, the rubber on the heel of my shoe came off (omg a sign of bad luck D8). The heel of my shoes was so small that it kept getting stuck in escalators >_>;; The first round was fine but the second round was a total disaster D8. Whatever I've remembered was thrown out of the window.

Such a great chance wasted all cuz I couldn't control my nerves T_T;; I feel so guilty getting all these opportunities while my other friends are struggling ><. Believe me, to be able to get a chance for an interview with Nuffnang, Prestige AND Naga DDB, I feel damn fortunate and guilty at the same time... =(

Someone give me a slap and tell me to buck up for the next interview! >< Okie nvm I'd rather do it myself *slaps!*


  1. Well...shit happens. Just learn from this mistake and be wiser the next time around. Whatever is over, is over...there's no turning back the time unless you have a time machine.

    At the meantime, relax and have a cappuccino or something to calm your nerves.


    but yeah..shit happens...ur on ur best dress and shoes and everything..and that is the day shit wanna happen..

    *hugs u*

    hope u get through the interview with ease!