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Sunday, January 10, 2010

And to Kim Kee We Go~ (again lol)

Yesterday's Chocolate Fair was somewhat a disappointment to me. 2 months of non-stop promoting and I was greeted by a small scale fair D8. I am very sad! >(. There wasn't anything particularly interesting for me to take pictures D8. I was hoping for Patchi or Leonidas to be there *sobs*

Just like Ezel said, it probably only took us 15 minutes to circle the place D8 and I brought home Ryverra chocolates since it was 3 bars for RM10 and I got durian, mocha and dark flavors for my mum. There was a Wedding Expo nextdoor so we hopped over (Jared dragged by me mwahahha) cuz I wanted to ask for the price for Hino's gown. People at Wedding Expo are much more scarier than the credit card promoters >A< there were 4-5 waiting for us at the entrance and they shoved the brochures into our hands D8

Ditto says 'hi' in Jared's car! :3

and now it's given the job of waving hi to the rest of the worlddddd *o*/

These 2 sakai's trying to look smart watching Chinese dorama lol

Our food: Sizzling plate tofu

Pork ribs~

Ezel's attempt to steal the last of the onion rings! MINE I tell you!!!! 8DDDD

With 4 of us we manage to lick the plates clean. Most of the licking done by Ezel.

Results are out as well and I'm happy and VERY surprised. I got a B- for IMC which is a shock since I lost 40 marks by not answering 1 whole essay question which means I got full marks for what I've answered *_*. I can't help feeling so proud over myself XD;;;. A B for my thesis which is half-expected so my CGPA didn't change much but I'm sad to graduate with a second lower class >w<.

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  1. Congratulation!!! Completed for Study V(^o^)V