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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Packing To Penang!

I shall be away to Penang for 3 days~ Gone by Sunday morning and will be back by Tuesday evening =D The most frustrating thing about packing for trips is packing my toiletry bag XD;;

Ever wonder what's in my make up briefcase? ><

First compartment from top left: Naturactor foundation (2 shades), Maybelline mineral foundation, Clinique eye cream, PureMild emulsion, M.A.C sponges, Inuovi eyebrow color, Estee Lauder duo blush, M.A.C primer sample, Clinique moisturizer sample, no brand blue eye pencil, Maybelline lip gloss, M.A.C concealer, Kajal eyeliner, M.A.C cream concealer, Clinique foundation sample, Benefit Dr. FeelGood balm, Revlon foundation + powder for Shaun, Johnson & Johnson powder.

And I discovered cracks on my lipgloss D8;;

Second compartment minus the mini toiletries and wig caring kit from the left: Brush set, PG fake eyelashes, Avene spring water, Skin Food makeup remover, mini Dior mascara, SunPlay sunblock, Make Up Store eyelash glue.

Final compartment from left: Various Maybelline eyeshadow (7 o_o), White and black nail polish, retractable brush, Maybelline lip gloss, Loreal Infallible lipstick, Maybelline cat eyes mascara, Maybelline eye shadow pencil, various Loreal lipsticks (3), super expired Dior lipstick (I keep it in case of any exchange programmes XD), Silkygirl duo eyeshadow, Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow.

From my handbag: Maybelline lip gloss, Beautilicious lip gloss, Majolica honey pump lip gloss, Crazy Rumors coffee lip balm, Za lipstick, SkinFood white grape fixer, Clinique powder, Ettusai wet tissue, Maybelline loose powder.

Conclusion from this post? Take pictures with a proper camera and... oh gods I have a lot of stuff TT_TT

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