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Monday, November 1, 2010

Negative Emotions and Exciting Trips to the Supermarket

Officially back and settled down from Animangaki. Days before the event I kept changing my mind back and forth between going and not going for the event haha. Then Hisa asked me whether I can fix his makeup for Animangaki and of course I agreed to if (free tix man!).

Attempted to do a little eye makeup before I head to Sunway but it ended up too dark =/ ah wells. Reached the hall at 9.10am and I saw visitors crowding the entrance to the hall which was across the other side of the building. I ended up in the staff entrance of the hall and NOBODY STOPPED ME AT ALL despite how blur I looked @A@. I'll be damned for security hahaha, I could've stayed in the hall all day and leave when I'm satisfied. Oh and there were no signs to direct us to the hall from the main entrance =/ Thank god I had hisa to call or I'll be lost >_>

Met a lot of new and old people :3 felt so much like a school reunion. The schedule was very delayed from the very beginning. Karaoke competition took half the day but it was good!!! There was much more competition compared to AniCom. The solo's were a bit of a disappointment and I didn't stay long enough for OTP.

Everyone started heading home around 4-5pm and that's when I started to feel so lonely =( It felt like CF 2005 at Sri Sedaya, only that I felt like a newbie and everyone had their own cliques to be around with so I decided to take the chance and escape when Audrey had to go. On top of that feeling of loneliness, I accidentally saw a face I didn't want to see and the feelings of grief I felt 2 years ago came flooding back to me. When I wanted to pay for the car park, I realized I didn't have enough change and no one had change for me ._. (I asked about 4-5 people) By that time I was feeling so helpless on top of the rest of what I'm feeling, I almost wanted to sit on the steps and just burst into tears. Thank god one kind soul told me I could exchange from the security post T_T

Found out Jared was at SS15 so went there to meet him since I didn't wanna go home yet =( As I was telling him about my day, I couldn't control my emotions any longer and then he asked me whats wrong. At that point I was silently cursing myself feeling embarrassed at how weak I am, how I thought I could bottle up all the negativity and focus on all the good things that happened today, how I wish I could get into an accident, survive with  amnesia and start my life all over again.

Darrell called up as we were talking over it, bloody guy has impeccable timing sial. He dropped by and chatted a little sending all of us laughing till our jaws ached. Too bad he's such a spoilsport and didn't join us for dinner. Went to Sakae Sushi for dinner since Jared had some gift vouchers to be used then we visited the supermarket so that I can get my apple vinegar cider.

Went to look at jars of honey o_o expensiveness then I remembered that dad just got pure honey from Aussie so there's no need for me to look high and low for it.

But nothing beats thisssssss Holy sheeeeeet Are the bees shitting gold honey or something!??!?!

Got my cider too ohohoh~ It was more expensive than the price stated =P

Now you can have a Lucky Stick! 8D

Found Mason Jars!! *hearts*

Came back and found this awesome picture tagged~! *hearts* just a reminder to myself *starts humming 'you are not aloneeeeee'*


  1. we are all in this together regardless how far we are away from each other. Chin up babe

  2. I know =/ your visit really cheered me up \*w*/