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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Picture Post and Hauls

The amount of masks I have at home =/ I told Johnny I would upload them when I have the time lol. Reason there's so much piling is because I never had the time to spare to use them =/ but I kept buying cuz they were going at a cheap price orz. Some were given by friends, some were exchanged. Now, I'm not using much masks cuz of my acne skin. The amount of blackheads on my face are quite alarming =3=;; should probably make an appointment for a facial soon.

Lotus fried with salted egg me thinks? Ate this when I had dinner with the J's couple of weeks ago XD;;

And now for not so random entries, yesterday, Jared, Edo, Toki and me went to Uniqlo again. Yes! Again! (for me lol) cuz everyone wanted to buy the t-shirts XD;; The queue was long but we only waited for less than an hour before we could go in. Well I ended up with an appointment at Pavilion while the boys went in.

We has Nerv shirts now!!! *_* Why can't this be CF's staff shirt for 2010!! argh ;__; Too bad the whites were out of stock =(

After Uniqlo, made a quick stop at TS to collect my body scrub for reviewing :3 Will probably put a review up some time this week. Suppose to blog about something work related, but I think it's best to wait for a few more days :3

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