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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Updates #2711

Ah after all that iPhone hate released onto the entry, I feel much better. Been feeling very frustrated lately cuz I sent my car to Lim Tayar after discovering one of my tires having low air pressure despite me pumping air last week. Turns out 3 of my tires need to be replaced. 1 is leaking, 1 had a bump and the other tire is cracking =( so I got myself a set of GoodYear tires for RM600

They look like kiwi now~

Then while they were fixing my new tires, the service guy called me saying my rims were dented too so it'll be another RM210 to fix 3 of the rims *sobs* Gods this debt is going to hang on my head till February, I'm praying for a bonus this year!!! T_T

My face is getting much better. Ever since I started on the beauty drink, I noticed the healing process speeding up. Will probably continue on the drink for another month, gods this is expensive maintenance =( but I still have 12-14 days before I make the final decision.

Need to get new work clothes too so I've been scouting around and nearly decided to buy mori styled clothes but the thought of washing them just killed me so I settled for some basics. Already purchased a pair of skorts after I found out I can wear them in office >D and I'm eying a basic cardi, puffy sleeve blouse and a fluffy skirt X3 just waiting for some detailed pics. Oh and I also caved in and got myself the Balenciaga inspired messenger bag :3 should be coming in before 15th December. Wow... that's a lot of spendings I realize >_< and I got to buy toner too since my sample kit toner is running out (like finally!)

Well, that's pretty much what happened this week. I'm staying home for the weekend so that I won't go and spend on anything, but might go for the DC comics hunt on Sunday depending on Johnny's experience today >D

Next update is about work 8D~

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