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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Work: Trip to the Print Factory

This happened in 3-4 weeks ago but I thought it's not appropriate to share till the brochures reach the client. After 2 years, this project finally went to printing so me and Johnny got to go see how the brochures were printed =D

We accidentally went to the wrong print factory at first hahaha cuz the building colors were the same >_< thank god it was the wrong factory cuz that factory smelled like something died..... >_>

This factory is thankfully clean hallelujah! >A< and it has air cond! A rarity in print factories since the factory beside didn't have any air cond and I also recall the print factories in Pudu area didn't have any air cond too ;_; This rambling on air conds is so totally not relevrant to this entry so moving onnnnnn =w=;;

First we got to see the first set of prints and compare them to the original proofs. If any adjustments needed to be made, they can adjust the ink output before they make the final batch of prints.

Oh I forgot to add, for this brochure, we went ahead with the traditional printing style which is using films rather than providing a CD, reason being that using films assures sharper images and better print quality. On top of that, we're using special paper for this brochure and according to my boss, the ink on the paper takes 3 days to dry! @A@

The uber heavy machinery used to print the brochures. It looks like a tram ride from here haha!

Buttons to operate that tram ride machine

After making the final adjustments, we did another print to see the results.

Making the final touches. I just realized how outnumbered I am @_@ since I'm the only girl in this whole trip. Hmph must ganba and prove myself worthy!!!! >A<

That concludes my trip to the print factory, hope it was interesting to you readers out there =) Sorry if you guys dozed on your keyboards ;_; I just thought it'd be nice to share some of my work related stuff here.

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