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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shu Uemura Aya Takano Christmas Party - Pavilion!

Wohoo!!! It feels like I've been stepping on clouds this whole week! XD. I RSVP-ed for the Shu Uemura Party that was held last Sunday after begging and Begging AND BEGGING Audrey to go with me lol. After I RSVP-ed, the next challenge was to dress up to the theme of Abracadabra Fantasy. I wanted to win it so bad cuz the prize was RM500 worth of Shu Uemura products *_* but the theme was.... pink and glittery D8 which was so not me.... maybe it's just me and my lack of creativity TwT.

I scouted many stationery shops just trying to find ideas for the event. End up I got some superbly expensive stickers that cost RM9.90 and bought some foam cut out shapes from the stationery shop near my house that cost only RM2.50 (ended up only using that OTL)

The Aya Takano range, some stuff was missing ;__;

Door Gift: Some Australian sweets which I gave to Audrey since I don't really like these kind of sweets.

THE FOOD SPREAD!!! I was mostly feasting on the sushi since it's soft ;__; I just got my braces done so dare not nomnom on other things.

The tower of brownies! I love this since I had some during the previous launch before :3 but didn't take much since I was so scared of the chocolate sticking in my braces ;_;

The Limited Edition eyelash curler. There's different colors according to the months. This is September's :3

We're treated to a manicure that's based on the theme. Audrey got her nails done since mine were kinda short ._. doubt the fella could put anything on my tiny nails.

My outfit of the day :3 Love the mini lashes *o*

I used Shu Uemura's mini lashes and the RM2.50 foam cut-out shapes :3 Cancan hat is Kiraneko's >w<;;

And guess what, I won the the Best Dressed Award!!!! 8D More like the ONLY DRESSED one ._. cuz no one else was in costume D8. The prize was RM500 worth of Shu Uemura items which we get to pick wohoo!!!! I've never been so blank when choosing stuff at the outlet hoho *o*;; Kicked Audrey to pick what she wants and I just tembak at anything I thought of using in the future. End up our selection totaled up to RM498!!! Keng rite? 8D

Our haul! XD Audrey took 1 Premium cleansing oil bottle and an eyebrow pencil. I took the Limited Edition Aya Takano cleansing oil, makeup mist in Mint, the Limited Edition Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler for the month of September and also a tube of eyelash adhesive to experiment on.


  1. AWESOME!! and no contenders?!! i heard one utama and midvalley also same! but klcc got a few contenders! but they can't beat fairy mamasan wing.. lol..

  2. HAHAAHAH Any pictures of those who won the 1U and Midvalley one? XD;; Just curious to see their creations. I had no idea at all for this ~_~;;

  3. Thanks ciawei!!! =D

  4. you can borrow the pink stuff from me next time. remember tokyo mew mew?

  5. eeee totally forgot! D: It was a last minute thing XD;;