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Monday, November 29, 2010

Adventures of Kopi and Teh

It was one of the days when me and Audrey felt so photoshoot deprived looking at the newbies in CF churning out more costumes faster than I can collect my salary  and start on my own costumes =( Ah the pressures of working~ We felt so syok sendiri so one day so we decided on a Coffy & Tea shoot.

Ah Audrey looks so hensem wearing like this ;w;

Shoot lasted for about half the day with no hitches, the good side of casual shoots~

Photo preview~

To see the whole album, do visit here
PS: Make sure you open each photo in order and read the captions as it tells a story =D. Honestly we didn't intend to have a story, it was just totally random after I sorted out the photos.


  1. HAAHHA... really syok sendiri.

    Yah I feel the same when I see the newbies churning out the costume, no thanks to parents money then the joy of no commitment. Wait til they get into the working world, if that if any comfort

  2. Hey syok sendiri but still decent job!