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Friday, November 5, 2010

Uniqlo Media Launch & Opening Day

Wohoo!!! Yesterday got a last minute call from Toki asking whether I wanna attend the Uniqlo Media Launch. I was torn between watching Panty & Stocking or going for the launch but end up setting my mind on the launch for the GOODIESSSS.

Was waiting around the registration table for him bwahahah trust the KL girl to reach first >D

The runway @ stage area

Damn everyone knew each other and I felt so lost and under dressed and I felt so conscious of my pimples cuz everyone there had super smooth skin =( There were drinks and appetizers, I had a taste of err something they called tuna's belly o_O;; not bad. There was one guy who stood in front of the waitress and kept eating right out of the tray >_>;; Men are kissing each other on the cheeks, it's a culture I'm not accustomed to yet @_@. Event started quite late around 9pm.

Fucking HAWT host from E! to emcee the event! Gods even his voice is nice!!!

Love her boots <3 Some of the celebs in Uniqlo attire parading down the runway.

I didn't stay long for the after party since it was so late D8 and I'm just pooped so I headed home. Just as I stepped into Marriot, Toki called asking me whether have I receive my vouchers. Apparently they were giving away vouchers as we walked out of the launch and I must have missed mine!!! @A@ so I hurried back just in time as the guard sealed the entrance the moment I stepped back in >w</


Next was the Opening Day where Uniqlo stores will be opened to the general public =D I kept hearing people's plans on coming early and stuff so instead of showing up at 10 as I planned, I decided to head there the usual time I take off for work.

Omigawd the place was already filled with people @A@. There were 4 rows of people waiting outside.

And more waiting inside! I heard it was an estimate of 3000 people queuing up.

I was lucky enough to be the first 500 to get the Lucky Draw card *w*

Hmm can I be lucky enough to win it? 8D Nothing to lose if I don't win unless this is an all expense paid trip then I'll start crying =P

My company during the wait 8D. No thanks for you Zef!! You FFK meeeeeeee D:

Didn't have to wait long to go into the store since we were one of the first few hundreds. I got some EVA shirts for Jared and Toki, a pair of jeans for Jared and some leggings for my mum's friend. For me, a sweat parka jacket, a checkered fleece jacket, bra top and a turtleneck <3. Total purchases for mine were about RM203 but I ended up only paying RM83~ Hurrayyyy \*w*/

Didn't manage to stay long as I got summoned back to office while I was queuing at the cashier D8


  1. :D i miss uniqlo

  2. U don't need to now! It's right hereeee 8D

  3. -____-
    seriously i reach there at 10.30am...
    waiting for 3 hours just to get in -____-