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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hauls and My Depressing Visit to Baviphat

Saw on Facebook that Baviphat has an event at Parkson Pavillion from 21st to 27th October. There were a few promotions going on.

Promotion 1: With any purchase above RM49.90, customers are entitled to purchase the Paprika Toner at RM19.90 and the Eye Sheet Patch at RM3.90.

Promotion 2: Purchase any mask + Paprika Essence at RM89.90 (NP: 130.00)

I've been quite keen on getting the Mango Brightening Mask so this promo gave me an excuse to go there =D so I got myself the Mango Brightening Mask and the Eye Sheet Patch.

My visit to the Baviphat counter that day was not a pleasant one nor were my last 2 visits in the last 2-3 months. Baviphat has been in Malaysia since May 2010. Today, they have 3 branches in Malaysia, all located on the Parksons cosmetics floor and also a small display shelf area in the Shirts Studio, Sunway Pyramid. You can easily recognize their counter by just looking out for the huge Beyonce portrait (seriously, I spotted her first before I noticed the brand name =P).

At first I thought Baviphat will be priced as high as counter products so imagine my surprise when I heard a tub of mask only cost RM49.90! My first Baviphat product is the Peach Peeling Gel that was bought by a friend.

Baviphat Malaysia has their own Facebook page here and you will just have to like this as it is the only way to contact them. Gotta give them credit that they keep their Facebook page as active as possible and they attend to the comments there very fast.

As I was saying earlier, I went to the Baviphat branch in Pavilion to get my Mango Mask and probably grab the Paprika toner as well. Only one promoter was handling both the event area and the counter so it took a while to get her to notice me =/ She told me about the promotions except the toner promotion wtf @A@;; when I asked her about it she said she didn't know!!! D8 It was sad that she didn't really know her product well =/ All she could tell me was that the product was good and she has used it before, not very helpful honestly. As she was writing my receipt, I asked her about the membership programme. I had to describe to her how the card looks like before she knew what it was =/ and with that, she handed me a BLANK card @A@. I asked her whether she's suppose to chop or sign it, again she had a blank face and told me she wasn't sure orz.

I've already emailed my complaints to Baviphat and I'm happy with the prompt reply from them!


  1. im afraid that she's just a partimer that is bad at remembering the products - or that the company did not give her any briefing (or that she did not ask) - hence she's just there to "attend" to customers (meaning to get the customer to pay, thats all)

  2. hi, So sorry for the inconvenience caused. My apology to you. The SA who serves you came to work on the 1st day. Perhaps she did not adapt herself to the environment yet, that's why she is blurred and confused. Hope you can bare with us and forgive our mistakes. Thank you.