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Friday, January 23, 2009

Classy~ Me Like~

So much for having the spirit of going to work after my gastric attack. I went there after lunch to find the office locked T__T Seemingly the boss decided to treat everyone to lunch so I went to do some shopping and grooming to kill time before heading back to the office. Got my eyebrows and upper lip (hurts like crap!) threaded and my underarms waxed *_* for only RM20 XD As for shopping~

Jumped into Solemate for a quick look as their shoes looked good.

Inside looks just gorgeous and the shoes look so classy 8D that even if I bought them, I won't have the heart to wear them out. Shoes range from RM120-RM300. There's a lot of dinner dresses too, sadly not my type.

Came back to find my masks delivered! XD 10 eye masks, 5 face masks and 5 lip masks ROFL

Think I'll do some eye and lip pampering tonight after the rough threading session~ XD

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