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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Youtube Trolling

I've always loved Hip Hop so was spending time looking for cool dance routines that make me drool and cry cuz I can never squeeze out the time to enroll for the classes.

Flo-Rida - In The Ayer dance routine <-- Nice group choreography
Akon - Dangerous dance routine <--- Love how synchronized it is XD
Beyonce - Single Ladies dance routine <--- *jawdrops* Just beautiful =D I prefer this compared to their improved version. It's advised not to search anymore dance routines for this song unless you want a major brain break.
Britney Spears - Womanizer

GAP has brought back bell bottom jeans for Summer 09 *o* so praying real hard I'll get to see more. On the other hand:

Beautiful toga dress from Iccy House RM60 and available in Blue and Red as well =D Pic from Iccy House.

Oh noes, this is no longer a youtube trolling entry XD;; On the side note, one of the ads I designed will be out in tomorrow's newspaper *o* Nothing much, just a job recruitment ad. Hopefully it'll give some extra points to my final report! XD Also, I'll be taking part in helping to organize a F&B exhibition for the SME Council. Whee~ busy~

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