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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let's Start With a Really Nasty Bang

This is one flaw I hate the most when it comes to dealing with human beings. When you do something they're not pleased about, they go to everyone else except YOU. It happens everywhere and I've encountered it in almost every environment I've been thrown in and until now I fail to come up with a solution to deal with this problem. To add the difficulty level, the person I'm dealing with is quite a nasty prick who I might add has been in conflict with quite a few individuals throughout the year.

I won't bother with whatever flaws they pointed out about me, bug me on MSN if you wanna know. The fact is, it's basic bloody common sense for an employer or in this case for the leader to start from the employee aka culprit, coughing out the reason for his actions before bringing judgment on his fate. My Starbucks manager pointed out my flaws and showed me how to improve eventhough he didn't give me a chance to explain but at least he showed me how to improve instead of pouncing and fire me immediately.

Did this individual do so? NO, this very individual went to discuss with her own version and perception of the situation without bringing me upfront to justify my actions. To even provide reasons that isn't related to the job scope is just ridiculous and shows much much she wants to get rid of me. To be making a big fuss over my personal affairs with SOMEONE ELSE shows that this individual clearly lacks leadership qualities. To turn a deaf ear on others and my reasoning, the individual has already proven herself not worthy of being a leader. Is this individual worth arguing with? YES I'D LIKE TO WIPE SOME SLIME ON THIS PERSON BEFORE SHE STEPS DOWN. *prays to the Goddess of Mercy and Goddess of Luck*

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