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Monday, January 12, 2009

So Much For My Resolution

I have been stuffing myself without thinking for this weekend and that's bad *_*;;; Went to the Dessert Bar as they're having 50% off =D and had a go at their sinful fruity desserts!

No pictures unfortunately as the lighting is terrible but there's lots of pictures on other blogs and you can see their menu here Dessert Bar Website *drools* I won't mind going to the one in Menara Hap Seng before their offer ends 8D;; I have yet to try their cocktail smoothies and Berry Delicious. Chocolate fondue has been added into their latest menu and boy it's thick DX They use Belgian Dark Chocolate and I tried finishing the chocolate but got sick of it after 3 mouthfuls XD;;;

Diet also begins this week =D OJ to start my day followed by yoghurt. Fruits and light stuff to be my snack when I'm hungry (if I can find it) and no deep fried stuff! >< *waves bye to KFC and McD* Fried Chicken ;_; Friesss ;_;

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  1. haha Dessert Bar? I went there for their fondue XDDDD it was heavenly <3333 even though i don't particularly enjoy sweets.... =p