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Friday, January 16, 2009

Bling Fever TAT

BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF SHOES FROM KISS AND TELL The perfect pair for CNY! Why am I ranting and not getting it? Cuz they only stock from Size 6 onwards! *headwalls*

Looked through the videos for ALA 2009 and the Macross skit is so brain breaking orz! Facing so many problems lately just that I've been too arsed to list them down here. My face problem is one of them. Rashes popping up like crazy starting from my eyelids down to my cheekbones, then on my nose and around it and now it decided the corners of my mouth would be a good place too...

As for the rest of my problems.... I'm leaving it outside my door. One of those 6 DBKL trucks that I unfortunately bumped into better come and collect it... Smelling 6 different bundles of trash today can make anyone skip lunch.


  1. usual la.. i always can't get my shoes v 3 & 1/2.

    happened again on last week..
    sppechless alrd..better search at child dept

  2. ;o; i wanna buy classic dresses too T_T bangsar is scary because everything is so pricey D: