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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Therapy FTW

2 things can never leave my life. Shopping and animals <3 I went shopping instead of eating lunch today to shop for some dresses. Interested in the red snakeskin-like clutch cuz it can be used to hit people. So now I'm just dumping photos I took from Sunday onwards and let it tell you the story.

Not sure if you can see, the cat looked terrified and it IS terrified. It looked like it stepped on something explosive cuz part of it's body is charred and the toes on one of its paws is dangling by a thread. It spat at me when I tried approaching it x_X

Doggie!!!! *squees* Staying right opposite Brian's house >o< The more you pet it, the more excited it'll be and it'll start jumping around. If we weren't seperated by the gates, I bet it'll pounce on us XD. It knows how to sit, roll over and shake hands too! >o< Brian had to pet it or else it'll come and slober all over my phone cam T__T

This dress makes me look taller and slender but it's bursting at the bust!

A boutique to be on my favorite list. Located in Bangsar selling classic chic outfits. Planning to buy one of the dresses there.

Cat in the Bangsar Jungle! This cat loves to camwhore D: my camera was so near it and it didn't budge but it scampered of when I tried to touch it.


  1. The dress is pretty! Looks good on you. :D

  2. i like the dress *____*

    and i don't mind the bursting part of the boobs...mine ish small anyway i doubt if it'll 'pop' XDDD

  3. the dress tooooo mature to u.. my opinion anyway.

  4. Try try only XD I just think it's too long x_X