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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Breeze

I finally moved that lazy ass of mine to dye my hair! >< The now-bronze highlights are really ugly so time to cover those up *o*

The color I took, dark brown so that my ongrowing black hair won't be so obvious.

No more obvious ugly half-grown highlights!

Drove to Queen's Park after that and jumped into the pet shop for a quick look <3 and I saw this sleeping fat angel.

Would love to have a dog as big as this *o*/

This is so LOL! XD The cat looks so petrified and it tried to pry my brother's hands off by using its back legs. We were trying to get it out of the neighbors car cuz it refused to move from the pipes under the car.

Can't update my Bangsar trip until I get the pics from the RO addict.

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