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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Klik Klik Klik

Yesterday I took the camera down for a stroll at the pub and I can say I'm glad I made the choice to get a prosumer cam.

Would've uploaded a nicer shot but the good ones are being used for the website.

Work's draining but I'm getting by =D Bi-weekly report to fill in this week >w<


  1. Not bad! It looks good.

    Just saw your blogroll btw. WTF Big and Busty? AHAHAHAH!

  2. Yea don't want this blog to be discovered so had to put a different name XP

  3. send a copy of your bi-week report to me as references after done pls... >.<

  4. by the way, when we need to hand up the weekly report ya? lately by fri or sun?

  5. I assume by this Friday or Saturday @_@ Can double check with your supervisor kua. Don't forget to password your report 8D