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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Work just Ownz and Kills

This is mine for the next 4 months >o</

Work was awesome in many ways. I reached there super early and trolled up and down the place to find the office and not surprising to be the first person to arrive... Albert is my supervisor and he showed me to my PC <3 and I had to awesomely give this horrified look and ask 'am I gonna be doing photoshop? o_o' Thank gods it's actually just extra Macs they took out from the art room. He took me around and introduced me to everyone in the office =D just 17 people which is good enough.

For the first 3 weeks I'll be under Rajes' wing. She thought me about media buying and the rates and stuff. When she's occupied with her work I pretty much did some filing of their invoices which is good since I got to know their clients at the same time and for the very first time I touched and USED a photocopy machine XD;;;

Lunch was also superbly cheap. RM3, that's cheaper than my area =A=! and we're talking about Bangsar here! >< I did doze off a few times and I blame my lack of sleep T___T. I was also introduced to the cousins that ran the whole agency. Eddy was much more talkative and he had a brief interview with me though it was more of a get to know session. Hanin brought some of her homemade brownies with walnuts. Diana, the general manager is very concerned for her employees but when it comes to work, you can see her swearing her tongue off at the asshattery of clients.

It's just the first day and we're already planning to shop at the Bangsar boutiques for some slacks for me on Thursday >< See how this is gonna kill me?! DX

You evil, evil Bangsar T__T

Mistaken my exam time given lol I thought it was just an hour but it's actually 2 =D

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  1. Good Luck and have a great internship sem. cheesss