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Friday, November 21, 2008

Whyyyy />o<\

Don't you just hate it when the expensive products work! >< I signed up for some package at Slimming Sanctuary and they gave me a complimentary set face plan which consists of the wash, toner and moisturizer and it took less than a week to work! The redness around my T zone area is gone and the pimples are shrinking at a very fast pace. Omg now I'm gonna be so tempted to buy it TTATT. The brand is La Peau~ I guess I could spare for a bottle of their wash since they gave me a RM50 cash voucher for their products =D

Tried surfing the net at Starbucks while waiting for Sylvene. Connection is very unstable =/


  1. expensive stuff always works. then after a while you start to see it NOT making that much of a difference...

  2. slimming sanctuary o_____O i can't even afford that hahahahahahaha

    but yes, it's weird how it works. like me and clinique also XDDDD but for my case, i will always stick to freebies lololol