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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clothes are a Girl's Best Friend XD

Lemme first say that High School Musical 3 sucked so bad in terms of storyline but I give them a thumbs up for their effects. Sharpay's hair looks wonderful as usual <3 as well as her sense of clothes. Absolutely love Troy's sense of humor and silently wishing that my future partner could be like that but I know I can dream on with my eyes closed~ 8D.

The mood was also spoiled by an immature couple who kept making loud giggly noise and throwing the balloon about. My mood practically snapped when they went:

"Oh I love you, sayang!!!"
"I love you too!!"
*kissy kissy noises*

Christ..... my worst cinema experience eversince I watched HP: Prisoner of Azkaban

Shopping was awesome, just the lack of money made it no fun XD;; I saw a pair of sandals perfect for my maxi dress but it costs RM59.90 >< I'll buy it once I have enough... *groans* Speaking of shopping...

Outfit for the day~ Elle jacket, Nichi spaghetti top and unknown brand pleated skirt =D

Met my super old friend at the hospital today =D I knew her during the days when dollhouses were luxuries, heck maybe even way before that. We used to have so many similarities even in terms of background, time has indeed made big changes.

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