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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fangirling and Photos

Gosh Youtubing is dangerous. Mari Yaguchi sings the cutest Valentine Kiss song ever! and also my addiction to POT is back after I watched their Brand of Princes videos, crap... Ryoma~ Tezuka~ *fangirls* The amount of crack generated by the fans, I don't think I'll ever stop liking em >___<

My workdesk for the past 2 days has been a total mess not to mention fitting 2 laptops there since my Mac can't read my external zzz. It's too troublesome to transfer things back and forth with the thumbdrive. Adobe's being stubborn as well as you can see the error message on the screen =A= *bites Adobe*

Taken in the LRT as I was fighting with my super crispy popiah. Nearly broke my teeth lol, am staying away from popiah for a month or so.

Sunrise taken around 7.15am in the LRT as well

"People are suffering from hunger and you think it's a wonderful moment to capture?!"

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