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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goals and Wishes

Thinking of actually investing in some make up and brushes so that I can study how to apply good coverage on face since most of the make up tends to look cakey after a while. After I saw the results of what those make up artists did to me, I've been inspired... The make up they applied was very thick yet it felt very light on my face, as though there was nothing and all they used was MAC and Make Up Forever products. Would just love to play around and find differences between liquid, powder and minerals, brushes and sponges, ideal mascaras, how highlighter works and the whole crap.

I've been eyeing some brush sets at Sasa and it's quite affordable but the one that caught my attention was the Red Earth foundation brush. It's so soft and godly but it costs a hefty RM79 -_-;; This is crazy..... MAC blush brush also costs around RM130. If I actually collect the brushes individually according to my preferences, the whole customized brush set alone can come up to.... RM300-500 since I'm very particular about foundation, blusher, high angle and concealer brushes. Not to mention I wish to invest in Skinfood or TheFaceShop products and some other brands next year. It's just scary when I think about it....

Not forgetting my DSLR goal as well in 2009... *shudders* It's no wonder I wish to work my ass off.

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