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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raging Tempers

Cecelia Ahern is gonna be on my list for favorite authors XD Her books make me all fuzzy inside whenever I read them <3

Having difficulty coping with assignments at the moment >__< I really do wish I can travel by car cuz it can save me 2-3 hours =( It's just so frustrating waiting for the bus >_> I barely have time to even clear my file to stock up on papers and clear unneeded lecture slides ugh.

The articles from the election event at Renaissance Hotel last Wednesday. Planned to read em but.... no time!!

Ms Karen decides to spice things up in class by torturing one of our classmates =D

This has really been a pointless entry but I just wish to type something before I hit my assignments since someone's been stepping on my tail. God knows whether it's intentional or not... All I wanted was just an ear, nothing else. Is it just that hard to give me 3 minutes of your time without saying something spiteful? Now for a 30min nap before I tackle my stuffs. It'll be a long night >_<

5.41am: yay I'm 90% done! Hope I can last till 4pm :3 Found something interesting on CowboyCaleb's blog too:Chances of finding a cure for AIDS

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