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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eventful Day~ *twirls*

  • Total failure at todays interview but I got the job anyway, now I just hope it doesn't clash with exams.

  • Something happened to my Ranka wig and now I'm forced to fork out RM210 T_T which I'm very scared I won't be able to get... *goes cari ah long*

  • Got an unexpected job @@;; Can't wait to see the outcome XD

  • I signed up for a facial package for RM68 XD Worth it I guess since it comes with a face wash kit and somemore treatments. Impulse buys are badddddd.

  • I might stop using Loreal soon and try some Korean brand I saw at Times Square. They've only got 3 outlets so far but the products smell wonderful and they have BB cream and compact powder which tempts me even more. I haven't even mention about their design yet~ oh~ Now I have XP

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