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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleeping Was Obviously A Stupid Mistake

This pic gets some space in this entry cuz it a) a guy was giving it out, b) it was darn early in the morning, c) I didn't realize it was a guy handing it out until 2 hours later, d) I'm wondering how the guy feels being the only guy distributing pads early in the morning.

2 assignments down and 2 more to go. Bar list is out as well, meaning..... I can skip Thursday and Friday classes since they're all lectures! >D It's a pity I didn't get the job for this weekend so shall put my hopes for the other job =D Interview is tomorrow, hope they won't pay attention to the condition of my face >___< Must remember to go to the tailor too! @A@ and pay up urgh!

My lunch for today. Minced beef that tasted truthfully like baby food.....

The atmosphere.

Feels like a huge dining area of a house lol.

No I didn't forget to tell the name of the restaurant >3 I just like to put it at the end this time. This place is famous for using Olive Oil for all their dishes and the price is quite affordable. The place reeks of oil though so I didn't exactly have the appetite to finish my meal. I've got a RM5 cash voucher but doubt I'll go back there....

Lynn Minmay. Yes/no?

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