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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Of Petty Things

It's annoying when someone keeps pestering me for $10 especially if she's across the sea. When I say I'll pay, means I will pay jeebus. I'm a person who doesn't forget my debts and wish not to waste money over some measly thing called interest.

That's all I need to rant, have an Utan =D

It's bigger than me D:

Where I was

The event!

The next few pictures is Dusty ass raping the Utan, please prepare yourselves. We now know that he's into beasticality.

Paris Hilton: Hey babe
Joker: Fuck! It's a trap!
(yes, that Paris was a guy lol)

I personally thought this was quite nice. Now if only I hadn't set the camera to flash...

My new Nokia 2GB thumbdrive =D

Rest of the pictures are in my Flickr: HERE

My super straight forward and honest comment about this event? It's too noisy to socialize. The band performances are too loud at some point that I had to step out and by that time, my ears were still ringing. The tables and chairs in the middle are an annoyance especially when people were trying to get food. Place is too cold but hell that should be a compliment looking at how mother nature decides to riot against the human race lately. Games on the other hand was quite entertaining and the emcee was fun. Orang Utan was a great scarf.

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