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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Utter Craziness >_>

I watched Prince of Tennis: National Championship OVA and I'm just so disappointed at the storyline! First, Tezuka lost his singles match! WHYYYYYYYY It's bad enough that he lost, they also made the scene the same crappy scene of his match with Atobe where the ball landed on the net and it started swinging here and there then plop! it landed on Tezuka's side! ARGH! This is so not fair!! and also his arm was an ugly red by the time the match was over, like some serious sunburn... Omg I was crying together with the rest of the Seigaku members TAT

Second, Inui had a blood bath, literally. I've never taken a liking in the Seigaku doubles team but this is too much for tennis!!!! ARRRRR The one that takes the cake is Ryoma who wandered to god knows where and lost his memories! W. T. F.! He was all smiley and polite during episode 2... Gods, Ryoma's character is spoiled T__T although it IS a nice change... but this a tad bit OOC for my liking especially when he said "Sugoi.... those guys are really good at chasing a small ball!" *fallsover*

Boyfriend shirts are starting to become a fad and of course yours truly just had to try one but she didn't have the right accessories. PDI has stocks of em at the KLCC branch today. Shirt is RM79.90 =D

I feel like a country girl haha but the shirt will be good with hot pants and a thin belt =D

This is a very lame attempt to make the shirt not so loose on me. Loosen a few of the top buttons and add a white tube should be nice <3 My hands look so long and slender in this pose but they're actually just the size of baby fingers. No I didn't buy the shirt hahaha.

Really fluffy slippers from Topshop.... it's fury on the inside too. Can you imagine the stink even if they're used as bedroom slippers? XD;;

My reload has arrived! Sanzo is a bit OOC DX and we get to see Hakkai's youkai form and his powers! =D This whole volume is a tad bit emo and displays a bit of Sanzo x Goku XD;;

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