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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Enrique F. Ciara
Yesh I am hooked to their new single Takin' Back My Love! *o*;; Been youtubing for dance routines. I'm a failure for dancing but hey, I like to see good routines when I playback the song in my head =D So far no good routines, best one found so far was Flo-Rida's Low.

Bother Bother Bother!
Oh noes 8D I'm back into the Potter Puppet Pals (PPP) addiction XD;; Entertainment of pure stupidity 8D.

Welcome To Joe's Toilet~~~~ *sings*
Hmm yes I was exposed to a few snippets of Average Joe's Apartment yesterday D8. This is one movie that I really can't watch alone D8 Gosh the cockroach movement is just too real and too good that my body just jerks naturally when I see the way they move T_T;; This is worse torture than watching horror movies TAT

Thou shall mention nothing about this subject 8D

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