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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bazaar and Elianto Trolling

I have this weird obsession with the pink jelly they sell at the baazar. This whole week I've been going to the baazar and I'll come back with a pack of jelly which I'll gobble up before I reach home =A=. It's like one of the things you just can't stop eating, just like how I eat Chipsters at an alarming rate >_<

Anyways I've really busted my wallet yesterday. RM30 spent on the bazaar just like that so today I went Chinese! On the way home, stopped by Taman Shamelin industrial area to peek at the Elianto warehouse sale.

Recession my foot! Warehouse sales are popping here and there like annoying weeds.

Lots of shower gels, body lotion, body wash and the brightening range for sale. 2 for RM10 is definitely worth it X3

Facial masks~ I thought I'll be able to get em cheap. Yeah they were cheap but the manufacturing year was 06 =A= omg forget it.

Cheap make up brushes! *screams* But I wasn't satisfied with the brushes I got from the previous sale. Then again the brushes I got was in a set of 7 for RM55, this time they're selling individually so the quality should be better right? @@

Eye and cheek palettes but the palette holders were trashed in the bargain corner and they're totally damaged. The covers were missing for most of them.


Others that they were selling: handbags, shoes (very little variety and mostly for 'ah sam'), beddings and clothes. I was highly interested in the brushes TwT but poor desu and I don't need em XD.

Popped by Guardian and saw this facial scrub. Shall try it next month when my allowance comes in 8D

Another interesting product I've been tempted to try months ago. First time seeing Schwarzkopf products in pharmacies and looking at the condition of my hair... it's time to do something! >o<9

Heading to Ipoh tomorrow. Gods, my mum enjoys picking the wrong timing for us =_= *headwalls*


  1. wow.. I have no idea about this. :( wish I know earlier. ya.. recession my foot too.. warehouse sales just ask you keep buy!!