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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If Given The Chance, The Past, Present and Future

Now before you start your yapping on how I should look forward and focus on what I'm doing now, here's a good piece of advice before commenting: stuff it. I'm bloody tired of the way some people are speaking to me in such a damn rude and spiteful manner. You people might now know who you are but I bloody hope you watch your words before you speak next time.

This is just an entry to muse over my situation. I don't need you telling me 'You're in Advertising now, just focus do your best. You can't take back lost time' cuz I bloody hell know.

4 years ago right after SPM, being the stupid girl I was, I got shoved by my parents to pick the cheapskate UTAR to pursue Advertising all because I wasn't set on what I wish to major. It was either that or a 6 year government training on English. Being the KL addicted girl I was (and still am) back then, the though of 6 years away from KL was just horrifying so I picked the first choice.

Given the chance to make my own choice, I would've picked PR but heck I'm not surprised if they refute with silly answers. Playing the alpha in the house, I'm not surprised if my choice for PR was denied without hesitation during that time. Now looking at my grades, I'm horribly afraid to say that there's a high possibility I won't do well this semester. I do admit I haven't been performing the best and designing subject covers half of the course. What's worse is that my group mates are horribly lazy people who make absolutely or close to zero effort. I foresee my 3D Animation subject will have a very poor grade based on my group's progress and my lecturer's expectations.

Amazing how one miserable subject can bring me so low. My only hope is to save my grades to a 2.5 to 2.7 CGPA and pray hard, the event management industry won't give a damn to my grades (fat chance!) or at least interview me before reviewing my grades XD;;

Geez, I can't even rant properly....

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