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Friday, August 28, 2009

Race Against The Clouds

Yesterday made a spontaneous decision to go to the Taman Melawati baazar since I got sold by the amount of variety there. 3pm I left the house and went to pick Gypsy and Shereen up hoping to beat the jam.

It was drizzling a little, almost to a complete stop XD. Escaped the black cloud in time.

Our first stop.... creme caramelllllll XD

Lots of desserts~ the black looking slob there is blueberry bread pudding.

And omg we saw more cream caramel @A@. There's like 5-6 shops selling it wtf and no cream caramel at all in my area!

This shop was selling loads of jelly @A@ Name any color, they have it haha!

Lamb~ :D

There's like a mass production of ikan bakar @_@

One of the stores that was doing the massive frying.

Shereen's Lemon Blue drink. We were suspicious how it tasted like. Not too bad and her nails were the exact same color! XD;;

My spicy lala~

Some of the stuff I bought (not in pictures): ikan tenggiri wantan, jelly, samosa daging and ayam, patin tempoyak, and sata ikan. One of the mixed rice stall dared to charge me RM3 for rice and veggie ONLY =A= and had the nerve to tell me RM1 for the rice RM2 for the veggie... ridiculious.

We left the place just in time as there was a really heavy downpour later and the number of cars were piling up along with the people~


  1. Girl >_< where's the warehse sale? And the exact add or a map... Wanted to get some stuff from elianto and lucky i didn't though =P

  2. Lol it's at Cheras area XD;; Prolly over di though >_<